3 Days, 5 Days, 9 Days .

Loneliness feels like every day,
Spent sitting in the same chair
In the kitchen at the table with my laptop propped up
And ready to go
Loneliness feels like,
Every day,
Sitting here with every thing to say and
Noone to listen,
Every moment where I swear this is what I want to be doing
And not realizing it’s not
Loneliness is
A thousand words that will never stop,
More than a hundred posts that you will top
And countless of feelings I can’t and won’t ever drop
Loneliness is
Where I met you,
And where I met everyone one else who has
Meant something to me.
We are all
Creatures with lonely hearts but beautiful minds and we are all
Waiting to be found by someone who
Won’t make us feel as lonely anymore
Loneliness is,
Every feeling I had before I spoke to anyone and
Every feeling I get now that you are away.
It’s everything I find when I am searching and
Everything I lost once I found ..
And Them
And everyone else
Loneliness is
Everything I swear I am not.
Everything I hate to be
Everything that brings these tears
This hurt and this anger
The reason for everything I hide and
Everything I run from
It’s the reason for everything I could ever want and
All the things I say I need
It’s the reason for every broken key on this keyboard
Every time I’ve had to replace a mouse
For every minute I have sat in the mirror combing my hair in attempts to
Seek that attractive side of me for someone to notice and
Every moment I spend hovering over what it is exactly I want to say with
Every piece of writing I have ever wrote.
Loneliness is
Every smile I have given during every goodbye,
Any smile I have given before I knew your names and
Every hug I give, the ones where
I hold tightly as if I
Will never let go.
Loneliness is every hope I have when I say hello
Every good morning and goodnight that had nothing said to prompt it
Every time I check and make sure someone else is okay and
Every time I say I care and
Every time I swear someone else does as well
It’s everything that tells me to stop when all I want to do is keep going
It’s everywhere I find myself while always being right here
Right where you left me
Loneliness is,
This empty house and these unfilled chairs at this table in the kitchen
It’s in these rooms where no one lives but passes through
Where these kids were raised but none remain and where
I sat every day for most of my life, living only inside my room as the world moved without me
It’s the beginning and ending to every story I have ever heard
Or any story I have ever told,
To myself or others
It’s the start of my life and sure to be there in the end
Loneliness is an unwanted friend that you
End up accepting anyways.
No one deserves to be alone
Yet no other words could be more ironic than
Those that were spoken there
By this lonely boy
Loneliness is-


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